At IIT, we do not work for clients; we work with clients. This attitude pervades everything we do, including determining your particular needs. Here are some of the kinds of projects we have participated in:

  • Work with a client to define a project and write a statement of work to go out for bid
  • Debrief experts and construct use cases and models
  • Review development proposals and provide recommendations
  • Provide modeling and architectural supervision for a client's in-house development team
  • Provide regular mentoring and review sessions for a client's in-house development team
  • Act as architect and general contractor for a development project
  • Create and run a custom week-long hands-on training session for development staff
  • Collaborate with an academic laboratory on a joint grant proposal
  • Review candidate software tools/environments and make recommendations
  • Define the interfaces and general-purpose code and models for a product-line framework
  • Evaluate an ongoing development project and provide recommendations

We are open to any reasonable pattern of working with a client. If you need unbiased, highly capable software guidance, contact us. We will work with you to determine how we can best help.