About IIT

Intelligent Information Technologies Corporation (IIT) was founded in 1986 as a research and development corporation focusing on information and decision support technologies. Today, IIT continues to conduct applied research and produce software products for industry, university, and government clients. IIT maintains a distributed office environment for employees, sub-contractors, and consultants working together on projects while living in locations from Los Angeles to Indianapolis, where IIT’s offices are located on Fort Benjamin Harrison.

IIT develops better software through deeper understanding. Through experience and internal research, IIT has developed modeling techniques and processes aimed at producing software you can live with, which grows and changes smoothly. The heart of our development process is therefore domain-centered object modeling, and our focus is working with clients to develop high quality models.

IIT specializes in engineering knowledgeware, meaning software that supports technical decision-making and that incorporates substantial problem-specific engineering knowledge. Examples of engineering knowledgeware developed by IIT include manufacturing test stands, testing tools and setup tools for embedded systems, engineering maintenance management systems, and B2B e-commerce applications for product development.

IIT has developed in-house expertise and tools for a software manufacturing methodology, which formalizes the representation of analysis and design results and emphasizes the re-use of standard software components. This methodology has been developed in conjunction with collaborators at the University of Trento, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of Illinois.