Intelligent Information Technologies Corporation is unique; we bridge the gap between the world of research and the world of software development. Our passion is understanding new ideas in computer science and determining where, when, and how to apply them in high-value settings.

Our clients come to us for our deep expertise and for our commitment to excellence and innovation in software.

At IIT, we

  •  solve software development and maintenance problems that have not yielded to standard approaches
  •  work with domain experts to create use cases and domain models for custom development projects
  •  rescue stalled development projects, and help clients avoid future pitfalls
  •  evaluate software development options, vendors, and products for specific projects
  •  serve as a private-sector software partner on research proposals
  •  act as dedicated, long-term mentors for development teams 

Our senior staff all have graduate degrees and years of development experience. All are highly skilled, helpful, honest, and straightforward. We do not prevaricate, and we do not hide behind jargon. We will tell you what you need to know to make good software decisions.


Q: What makes IIT different from other software engineering firms?
A: We have an extremely high level of software analysis and design expertise. Through years of experience and thought, we have developed a comprehensive understanding of what distinguishes successful software.

Q: Can I use PAVER 7.1™ with a remote server without a local Serial Number Activation?
A: Yes, you can install a local client copy for use with a remote server without activating a Serial Number on your local machine.


Introducing PAVER as a Service

IIT Corporation now introduces PAVER as a Service. Learn more...